The Three-Day Blow

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The Three-Day Blow




“The Three-Day Blow” is a dramatic story presents us a conversation of two young boys Nick and Bill. They talk about different subject matters like baseball player, writers, owm fathers and nick's girlfriend. This story is the analogy between the three days blow and the mental suffering of nick. In both situation movements starts from conflicts, into suffering and separation and reconciliation at the end.


Rain has just stopped. Nick is going to meet Bill. The autumn wind is blowing. Trees are bare because of three days blow. Nick reaches at the top of hill, near to the cottage Bill welcomes Nick at the cottage. At the exposition they stand outside the voltage and observe woods, orchards, long lands road and lake below the cottage. They go inside and stay around fireplace. Bill fills up glasses with whisky and water. Both drinks whisky. Bill gates thick woolen socks to Nick. Now they talk about the baseball players. They say that McGraw buys the best players so Cards never the game. They add more whisky and water. Nick says that it is the best time of the ear in village and wishes to be in the city to see the world series. They talk about the classical writers Walpole and Chesterton. They we read Richard Ferrell, Forest Lovers, Fortitude and The Dark Forest. Nick and Bill wish the presence of both writers for fishing. After this they start talking about their fathers. Bill says his father allows him to drink only from opened bottle so he won't drunkard Nick father doesn't drink. Both of their fathers are good and had done labour in their time.


The fire is dying down, Nick goes out beings logs to prove that he is not drunk. He knocks n pan and its apricots scatters on the floor. Bill has sand these logs for build weather. Nick asks to add money liquor. Bill brings Scotch whisky. Nick goes to kitten to bring water and finds his face strange at the mirror. After this Nick and Bill involve in long discussion about Marjorie Nick's girlfriend. For Bill, Nick has tone well by leaving lher, Marriage is burden for Bill He says that if Nick lewis married later Jat has to invite his relative’s inn his house and has to go to fus mother in laws house frequently. He is to cam money if he had got married, they wouldn't be there drinking whisky Nick accepts that married person are ruined. But still be realizes that he has Lost everything after being sent to the Marjorie.


He might never see her again. Everything is over wow, just like three-day blow come suddenly and rip will the lemons off the tree’s separation appeared at once in their life They had planned to visit Italy together and lot fun. Now everything has ended. Bill says her mother is sore heel, has informed all that Wey were engaged. Nick says that they were not engaged but going to marry. Bill warns him that he might think about her later. But possibility is still there for Nick. Nick may go to Saturday and meet Marjorie there. Today is Thursday: He thinks Mat nothing is finished Nothing is ever lost. He feels lighter and happy.


They step out of the house for hunting by taking guns, Hunting is not important for Nick. He is still hopeful to get Marjorie in the town. He thinks that it is w good thing to be hopeful for happy future. The weather outside resembles: with the conflicting situation of thick. Tree dany blow hus created hopeless situation in nature. After three-day blow, there is hope of sunlight and regeneration, similarly Nick is hopeful to reunite with his go to girlfriend Marjorie. In coming Saturday he'll city pass night and meet Marjorie.

Short Answer Questions


1. What did Nick and Bill talk about in Bill's room? (5]


2057 Q.No.5c and 2075 Set B Q.No.5a


The story “The Three-Day Blow” presents a talk between Nick and Bill. Though they didn't talk a grand subject matter, they spent hours talking in the cottage of Bill Nick and Bill talked about four things: Baseball Writers. Their Fathers and about Nick's beloved When they met at Bill's house they sat in front of fire and drank Irish Whisky. They started their conversation like any normal young men. They talked about their favorite game, which was baseball. But they were not satisfied with their team, Card performed Then they talked about their favorite novelist Walpole and Chesterton. Out of them the former was a better human whereas the latter was a better writer. They reconfirmed the age-old belief that one is remembered either for his work or for his behavior. After that they talked about their father, Nick's father was a doctor, whereas Bill's father was a painter. They both found their father better person. However, they also accepted that Nick's father has missed a lot of things by not drinking wine. The last topic they talked on was about the beloved of Nick, Marjorie. They had quarreled and busted up recently. The event had disturbed Nick mentally. In spite of Bill's several attempts he was not able to forget her During the talk he realized that there was possibility for their reunion. That realization made him feel better and filled a new energy in Nick. After that they went out for hunting.

2. What are the different things Nick and Bill talk about taking the warmth of the fire and drinking?


2074 Set A Q.No.5d


Bill and Nick began sat by the fire in the sitting room of - the cottage and they began to drink whisky. They involved in different actions and dialogue. They talked about baseball players, their favorite writers, their own fathers and finally about Nick's girlfriend, Marjorie. They talked about the conflict, suffering and the tragic separation. As the three-day blow comes suddenly and make the tree bare, similar king tragic blow came in the love affair between Nick and Marjorie Towards the end of the story, Nick's heart became lighter as he saw some possibility of reunion. As the bare trees have possibility of having new leaves, Nick became optimistic about their reunion and the story moves to the reconciliation.

3. What is the relationship between the three-day blow and Nick's mental condition? (5]


2064 Q.No.5d


Ernest Hemingway's story, The Three-Day Blow shows a good relation between mental state of Nick, the protagonist and the wind/ storm that blows for three days. There is a clear analogy between the blow and the mental ordeal Nick goes through. Nick is seen separated, suffering and reconciled in the story. These three stages of Nick's mind are compared with the three-day blow by the narrator. The movements start from his mental conflict, grow with suffering and culminate with a sense of reconciliation, when a storm comes, everything in nature is taken by surprise and before giving enough time a lot of damage is done. Similarly, Nick and Marjorie quarrel and before they can handle the situation, they get separated. It disturbs Nick mentally. On the second day of storm when the leaves of the tree are blown away, it looks pathetic. The condition of Nick is also same. He suffers a lot due to his separation from Marjorie, who is blown away like a leaf in the storm from Nick's life. The suffering goes as the time passes. On the third day, when the storm over, there comes a new chance for new creation in the nature. Similarly, at the last of the story we find Nick hopeful about his reunion with his beloved. This sense gives him mental peace. The way everything is as normal as the past with the stoppage of the blow, Nick's mind is cool and happy He seems lighter and happier thinking that nothing has finished, everything has the way out.

Long Answer Questions


4. Discuss "The Three-Day Blow" as a dramatic story. [10]


2061 Q.No.4b, 2069 Partial Q.No.4a, 2070 Set A Supp Q.No.4b, 2072 Set C Q.No.4c, 2072 Supp Q.No.4b, 2073 Set D Q.No.4b, 2075 Partial E Q.No.4b, and 2075 Partial D Q.No.4c


The Three-Day Blow is a dramatic story. The story is dominated by the elements of the drama. The story is dramatic because there are characters and dialogues and unity of time and place There are two characters Nick and Bill who have continuous dialogues like in the drama. The setting of the story is also file a drama. There is internal and external scene.


At the first glance the text looks like a drama. The chief element of the drama is dialogue. The characters enact on the stage and the audience over hear them In other words, the audiences how the plot of the drama through the interaction of the characters. In this story, the two characters Nick and Belief involve in the dialogue. The readers know the story through their interaction. The major part of the story is controlled by their dialogue. They talk about the baseball players, the writers, fathers and Nick's beloved Second element of the drama is exposition. The story has god a good exposition. The cold morning, the orchards, the grey apple trees, the way to the hill, the wind that has just blown the leaves of the tree and the cottage of bill on the hill make a good setting of a drama Moreover there is a dramatic plot in the story. A dramatic plot has exposition, rising action, climax falling action and denouement. The story has fine exposition as mentioned here. The story slowly rises when Nick and Bill talk about the baseball players writers and their fathers. It reaches to the climax when they talk about Marjorie Nick thinks everything has finished just like the three-day blow. He remembers how they have made plan of going Italy and spending the time there; how he wanted to earn money and settle down Bow she has gone and that she will never come back. The action slowly falls when Bill persuades him that he should not think about her again and that he has done a good job, it comes to the end when Nick thinks nothing has finished and everything has a way out. He becomes a hopeful that he will reunite with Marjorie. Then is this a mere drama? The answer is no. It has got a good amount of narration too.


This text has got the elements of story too. The chief element of the story is narration. It has got narration. Now and again the narrator tells the story of Bill and Nick to us The story teller tells us about Marjorie and he comments about them. They are identified and elaborated by him. At the end the story writer appears and tell us how they disappear for hunting in the hill in the beginning to the narrator tells us how they meet in a cold day and involve in a talk. Their talk is the subject of this story which writer has told slightly in a different scale. The story has well developed characters and a good moral. If so, is this a story? The answer is no Since this combines both the elements of drama and story; this is a dramatic story. Thus, three-day blow is a dramatic story as this combines dialogue and narration in an intensive way. The author has given a new flavor to the subject by including the long conversation between the characters.

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