Concrete Cat

Lesson 15

Concrete Cat: Dorthi Charles




"Concrete Cat” is an example of a concrete poem. This is a visual poem for eye. Poet Dorothy priority to the physical appearance not for ideas or emotions. So, she reduces language but tries to convey message. In this poem, poet may be telling us about a cat but may be slowing its “catness” in action. The actions of the cat be expressed through black and white letters on a page. Capital letters ‘A’ indicates to the alert and pointed ears and capital ‘Y’ for opened and sharp eyes. Use of capital ‘U’ shows cat's tongue, might be licking something. Stripe is used as pun; stripe means long band of color and at the same time tripes means stomach tissue of mouse those are eating by cat. That is the figurative use of language Upside down mouse stands for dead mouse, Concrete cat is very humorous poem without having concrete sentence structure but poet has become able to convey meaning.

Short Answer Questions


1. Justify that "Concrete Cat" is an example of concrete poem. [5]


2063 Q.No.5b, 2070 Set C Q.No.5d, 2071 Set D Q.No.5d, 2072 Partial A Q.No.5b, 2075 Partial D q.No.5b and 2075 GIE No.5c


"Concrete Cat”, an experimental poem by Dorthi Charles, is a perfect example of concrete poem "Concrete Cat" is concrete poem because this is made for our eyes but not for the meaning. This is the visual poem. In other words, the major thrust of this poem is in the physical appearance of the poem rather than the ideas, emotions and languages. It does not have an ordinary language: Neither the poem has used the machineries of the poem except the pun. The poet may be telling us about a cat but may be showing its cat-ness in action as far as this can be done by black and white letters on a page. Simply looking the poem looks like a sketch. We cannot read he poem because this is a concrete cat not made for reading. This poem is just for seeing, we see the tongue, bear paw, moth, whiskers, and tail of the cat. This has been done by the poet by the artistic play of the letters and words. The capital A in ear and U in mouth show the shape of the ear and mouth respectively. The stripes tripe shows the stripe of the cat. The mouse upside down shows the prey of the cat. In short very thin done so artistically in the poem make “Concrete Cat” a concrete poem.

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