Challanges  during online classses
Challanges during online classses

Covid-19 pandemic has triggered new way of learning. All educational institutions are shifting towards new normal- that could most probably be use of online medium for learning. Online learning can be flexible at times, however, completing your academic year from home remotely could be worse than in formal physical classes.
Here are some most common challenges students are facing during their online classes:

Technical issues: Weak internet and low bandwidth can be challenging when it comes to attending classes online. It can be slow down of devices, electricity outage, especially in our country Nepal. Some very remote areas in Nepal have no internet access yet.

Digital literary  and adoptability: It is quite important to be familiar with digital tools when it comes to online learning. Given transition, most of the students are facing difficulty in adapting digital environment especially in remote areas.

Time management: While studying from home, it can be more distracting than usual. Students are found to have additional responsibilities. As a result time management has become more challenging.

Lack of proper interaction: Online learning lacks in-person interactions which can significantly hinder students access to proper resources.

Lack of motivation: Finding motivation to get started with course work  remotely from home can be difficult. Adopting to new space, time, ambience can be challenging.